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Financial Forensics, Inc.

Forensic Accounting / Private Investigations 

Give yourself an edge in your case by contacting:

Tom Gottschalk, CPA CFE

12400 W. 62nd Terr., Suite G

Shawnee, KS  66216

(816) 425-1367

Kansas Licensed Private Detective D6097

Financial Forensics, Inc. is an investigation and forensic accounting practice founded by Tom Gottschalk:

  • CPA / CFE with 18 years law enforcement experience investigating financial crimes and elder abuse
  • Investigations during 18 year law enforcement career has led to over 100 successful felony prosecutions in financial crimes, elder abuse, and person crimes involving cell phones
  • The most qualified and experienced professional to evaluate financial information and documents provided to spouses in divorce actions.  Most importantly, the most qualified and experienced in finding what should be available by looking beyond self-serving financial statements submitted in domestic relations affidavits.
  • Certified in cell phone forensics with practical experience with CellHawk CDR analysis software, and the Cellebrite handset acquisition system. Also certified in  the use of Oxygen handset acquisition software
  • Experience in designing hundreds of investigative plans for financial crimes provides valuable experience in identifying strengths and weaknesses of evidence used in financial crimes cases
  • Skilled in professional collection and analysis of financial evidence
  • Has adopted many of the tools developed by leading investigators used in investigating elder financial exploitation and elder abuse, and have been consulted by dozens of law enforcement agencies in developing investigative plans for elder abuse investigations
  • Licensed private investigator with demonstrated interview skills