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White Collar / Financial Crimes Investigation and  Defense

White Collar / Financial Crimes Investigation and Defense:

White collar and financial crimes are one of many criminal cases undertaken by criminal defense attorneys, but those crimes have been the focus of Tom Gottschalk's 18 year law enforcement career with the Johnson County (Kansas) District Attorney and Kansas Attorney General.  Many of these cases involve voluminous discovery in the form of financial documents, spreadsheets, and interview memorandums, which can tie up the best attorney in details that can be unclear.  Financial Forensics is your partner in providing clarity of evidence provided in discovery, moving efficiently and accurately to help you and your client get a clear understanding of the State's intent in prosecution.  More importantly, Financial Forensics can highlight exculpatory evidence buried in discovery, and detect inconsistencies in both documentary evidence and in witness interviews, as well as detecting weak evidence relied upon by prosecutors in charging your client.  

Equally important, Financial Forensics can provide professional investigation into white collar and financial crimes not investigated by law enforcement.  This expert investigation can facilitate a credible, professional evaluation and documentation of crimes committed against your client--expert collection of documents, identification and interview of witnesses, as well as organizing evidence in a manner suitable for presentation for criminal prosecution.  The investigative report and evidence easily lends itself to a charging affidavit in criminal prosecution, or a petition in civil litigation.

Tom Gottschalk has investigated cases for successful prosecution in wide variety of white collar and financial crimes, ranging from embezzlement to criminal enterprise cases.  Many of the largest financial crime prosecutions in the State of Kansas were results of Tom's investigations, and Tom served as case agent in cooperation with state and federal agencies, including the US Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Kansas Bureau of Investigation. Cases investigated by Tom Gottschalk include:

Public Corruption

Insurance Fraud

Welfare Fraud

Livestock Fraud

Grain Elevator Fraud

Trust Fund Fraud 

Intellectual Property Theft

Voting Fraud

Kansas Open Meetings Act (KOMA)

Kansas Open Records Act (KORA)

Commission Fraud


In addition, Tom developed investigative plans and conducted joint investigations with detectives from local police departments including those of Overland Park, Shawnee, Mission, Merriam, Olathe, Fairway, and the Johnson County Sheriff.  This experience provides valuable insight into those agencies investigative strategies and practices, which is a valuable insight for you and your client.