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Elder Abuse investigations and Defense

Elder Abuse Investigations:

As people age, they are often faced with relying more on other people and family.  Reliance is based on trust, and when that trust is violated, most people are not familiar with the complex issues that come with resolving that type of problem.  You can rely on the police to take a report and investigate the person taking advantage of you, but when you do that, you have no say how the case is going to be investigated or prosecuted.  If you speak with your attorney, they may or may not be knowledgeable with the issue of financial exploitation, and they certainly don't have the experience with the criminal justice system that Financial Forensics has when it comes to that issue.

Most people experiencing an abuse of trust want options.  Financial Forensics has dealt extensively with both the civil and criminal justice court systems, as well as mediation and other forms of resolution.  The experience can be used to craft options when you have to deal with an abuse of your trust.  

With a very strong background in the investigation and prosecution of criminal elder abuse cases in Kansas, Tom Gottschalk has the tools to help you uncover the hidden attributes of elder abuse.  Whether it's financial exploitation, physical abuse, or neglect, Tom's experience in investigating some of the largest cases prosecuted in Kansas can help you with documenting all aspects of elder abuse.  Criminal investigative experience in documenting elder victim's cognitive status, trust relationships, and social contacts can add an entirely different dimension to your client's elder abuse concerns.  As a Certified Public Accountant, and a Certified Fraud Examiner, documenting financial exploitation will be more thorough, yet conservative, in a manner to ensure maximum credibility in a courtroom setting.

In physical abuse and neglect cases,  Tom's long experience in reviewing medical records will help you build your case in ways you would not normally find in an investigative setting.   Financial Forensics also maintains ties with forensic nurses who are expert in finding elements of medical records that will add insight normally not available.  

The professional and expert discoveries of fact are made even more impactful by Tom Gottschalk's ability to render complex topics into a form understandable by non-experts and juries.  Making complex information understandable will serve you and your client in a way not normally made available from investigators.

Elder Abuse Defense:

The same tools that serve to produce a superior investigative product also serve in the analysis of prosecution evidence provided in civil and criminal discovery.  Experience in development of compelling evidence for criminal prosecution will provide superior analysis of evidence provided in civil and criminal defense.  Investigators of lesser experience can subtly overstate the impact and importance of available evidence, and overlook other avenues of investigation that can provide a more realistic picture of the alleged offense.  Financial Forensics analysis can make the difference for you and your client in civil or criminal prosecution of alllegations of elder abuse.  

Multidisciplinary Investigation GIves You An Edge:

Tom Gottschalk established the Johnson County FAST (Financial Abuse Specialist Team) at the Johnson County District Attorney, which called upon professionals in medicine, behavioral health, as well as criminal investigators and prosecutors to expedite prosecute elder abuse crimes.  The Johnson County FAST team was among the first in the state of Kansas, and the first in the Kansas City metropolitan area, and was consulted by law enforcement agencies across the Kansas City metro for development of evidence in elder abuse crimes.  The recognition that professionals in different areas to develop evidence in elder abuse cases is awareness of how a multidisciplinary approach can give you an edge in your case.


In addition. Tom has been a volunteer guardian and conservator for numerous elderly individuals who require assistance in managing their health care and financial decisions.  This experience has provided valuable knowledge about elder care facilities - staffing, operations, and quality of care.  Tom has used his investigative skills in this advocacy role to assess staff interaction with residents, quality of care, feedback about resident's care, and other valuable knowledge about care facility operations, including who to talk to to get relevant care information.